Membership Criteria

The Goal of NAGTOA is to be an all-inclusive organization, not an “exclusive” one. It is not our goal to “police” the industry, rather, to be the largest voice for the industry throughout North America.

Our Alliance’s credibility is imperative. Therefore all Tour Operators wishing to be members in NAGTOA must:

  • Be in the business of sending North American golfers overseas on golf vacations for a minimum of five years.
  • Must supply 3 overseas vendor references, either: hotel, golf course, or a ground transportation company.
  • Must be sponsored by two current NAGTOA members.
  • Must adhere to individual state regulatory business practices.
  • Final approval for the acceptance of a member company into NAGTOA will the responsibility of the Advisory Board.

While NAGTOA is an Industry Alliance and is not responsible for the actions of its individual members, it expects its members to conduct themselves and their relationships with their suppliers and clients with the highest level of business and ethical standards.